Robert’s Story

Robert struggled with anger and rage in his life for 30 years. He already knew why he was filled with anger and rage, but head knowledge did not help him find freedom, despite his father being dead for years. Read Robert’s story

Michael’s Story

Michael is a young man who was stealing for 16 years from people close to him. He didn’t need the money; he stole because of the rush it brought him. It was a way to gain relief from his guilt and shame. Read Michael’s story

Kelly’s Story

Kelly, a 14 year old girl was suffering greatly from anorexia. She lives with her grandmother because her mother is a drug addict and prostitute. Kelly very seldom sees her mother and has been raised by her grandmother and father. Read Kelly’s story

Rick’s Story

Rick suffered a difficult, abusive childhood and was exposed to pornography at a very early age. He spent over 20 years in bondage before he finally found freedom. Read Rick’s story