S2TH Prayer Cards

Prayer Card: In English and Spanish

This update prayer card is packed with spiritual truth, allowing you to share the message of our “Suffering Messiah” and how He fulfilled prophecy to identify with your struggles so He can “heal your broken heart and set you free.” It helps you to also share the difference between the bad ‘fruit’ or sinful behaviors in our lives, the ‘roots’ and the negative beliefs behind those behaviors; as it also contrasts satan’s identity for you and/or receiving the identity Christ has for you, along with a sample prayer.

*Note: This prayer is a sample illustrating the spiritual principles that needs to be rewritten in your own words. It is not a formula.

  • Printed on high-quality, four-color paper.
  • Available only through mail
  • Packaged in groups of 10 cards
  • 10 card minimum order

S2TH Prayer Cards (pkg of 10) - $2.95


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Freedom From Satan’s Secret Weapon: Finding A Sanctuary For Your Sins and Negative Thoughts    

What is Satan’s secret weapon he uses to gain power over us BEFORE we engage in sinful behaviors?

What name does Jesus use to describe Satan and Satan’s secret? How is Jesus’ focus different from the way we have traditionally presented the gospel? Why is there such a contrast between Jesus’ understanding of the source of sin and our understanding of the source of sin?

Join us as we study one chapter in the Old Testament sharing how the sanctuary opens our hearts to the greatest power of all, the power of Christ’s victory over all the devil’s deceptions.


FREE: Bringing God into the Negative by Ney Bailey

Used by permission of FamilyLife Today broadcast, (produced by FamilyLife), © 2000. All rights reserved.

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Introduction to “The Hidden Half of the Gospel”

This is the introductory section in rough draft form of the book. 

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