Bible Study Series

As we pray and work towards getting the $70,000 needed to cover the expenses involved int the production of this Bible Study Series which will help each person connect their story and Jesus' story, we would like to share with you a little bit more about it.

Here are a few questions we are considering as the team works on this Bible Study series:

What one chapter in scripture shares the good news of salvation in a way that it...:

  1. Includes Jesus’ suffering?
  2. Breaks the power of death?
  3. Invites the person into the assurance of salvation and growing in Christ (sanctification)?
  4. Removes the obstacles of sin and suffering that might keep someone from receiving God’s peace and assurance of salvation?

What one chapter in scripture makes the gospel of resting in God's finished work inseparable, and includes an invitation to see...:

  1. How entering into God’s finished work in Christ is the only way to receive God’s rest?
  2. How Jesus can help us move into God’s rest and God’s finished work in Christ, in a way that we are receiving God’s grace as our power source for growth, reinforcing the truth of Romans 6:17, emphasizing heart-based obedience, instead of self-effort and works involved in legalism and obeying out of obligation and fear?

Note: Keep in mind that this Bible Study Series will take 6 to 9 months of full-time work, together with $70,000 between all the required steps (writing, post-production, graphic design, printing and the Spanish translation) for it to be in the hands of many Bible workers as well as every person involved in saving souls.

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